As strange as it might be, I was meant to be a doctor, just like dad. But it seems I ended up spending my brain cells on researching that perfect cure that could heal my insatiable eagerness to learn and nurture originality..

Some would call me a creative person. I would say: a passionate one..

For as long as I can remember, I have played the piano and played with words. Later on, I started writing notes. Some musical, others sarcastic.  And from that moment on I've been doing music and commercials; both for a living and for a life.

With all my hard work and dedication, my home country hardly worked out for me. Opportunity called me, in 2006. I packed up and followed her. She took me to Saudi Arabia for a couple of years and, later, she took me to Dubai where she apparently resides. 

I didn't end up as a doctor, but rather as a patient with a disturbing urge to create. The good news? It's extremely contagious.